How To Transform Your Next Conference Takeaways Into Real-Life Results



Editor’s note: So you’ve attended a conference, listened to some truly inspiring talks, made quite a few valuable connections, maybe even attended a hands-on workshop and learned a thing or two. What now? How do you bring back the new knowledge and ideas and connections to your team and to your work? This article highlights a practical strategy of getting there without much effort. With SmashingConf Barcelona taking place next week, we thought this article would come in handy.

How To Transform Your Next Conference Takeaways Into Real-Life Results

Have you ever been to a conference with top speakers, awesome people to network with and such a great energy that you got fired up and couldn’t wait to get home to start applying everything you’ve learned? How do things look two weeks later? Did you implement all of that learning into action? How about two months later? Were you still taking action on that knowledge?

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What’s The Best Practices for Website Migrations?

Yes! You’ve hit and actually surpassed your milestone of growing your ecommerce business. Things are looking up. You’re getting the kind of traffic and conversion rate you’ve been hoping for. Growing your ecommerce business is great news, until you realize that your current platform can’t handle the increased traffic.

When this happens, it’s time for an upgrade.

Some people are able to make the right choice the first time when it comes to enterprise e-commerce platforms, opting for a platform that can support growth without robbing your pockets in transaction fees. Others fail to plan for growth and find that their current platforms cannot support the growth of their online business.

If you fall in the second category, you may be planning for the migration of your website to a new ecommerce platform. This can seem like a nerve-wracking process. It is both time consuming and complex.

Website downtime can be costly to a business. In 2013, ecommerce giant Amazon experienced a 30-minute downtime due to a website crash. This resulted in an estimated loss of $66 million in revenue.

Therefore, going dark for hours on end during the migration is something you want to avoid. The transition from one ecommerce platform to another doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It shouldn’t cost you a whole lot in revenue, either.

The following tips will help to make the migration as painless as possible:

1. Begin migration before canceling your current hosting plan

One of the most common mistakes ecommerce website administrators make is canceling their hosting plan with their current host before the transfer of their website to the new servers is complete. The transfer may take several hours or even a day or two. If you cancel your plan before completing this process, you’ll experience several hours of downtime and lose a lot of revenue as a result.

It is a good idea to let your current host know that you’ll be moving to a new host. However, give yourself adequate time to make the migration successfully before canceling your current plan to ensure that customers can still make transactions while you migrate.

2. Create and download backup files

One of the key steps in migration is moving the data from your current host servers to the new servers. You will have to create backup files of your website and download them. This process will depend on the interface you use. Your database will be downloaded in compressed format.

It is important not to decompress the files. This is a process that your new server will complete once the files have been uploaded.

3. Redirect links

Link building is part of any effective SEO strategy. The growth of your website could be the result of wise and effective link building over months or even years. Losing the links that you’ve accumulated over the years could destroy your ability to rank for relevant search terms.

Run a site check of the links on your website using a site explorer tool, such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer. You can also check on the link status of your website from your Google Search Console account.

Set permanent redirects of your links so that they point at the same pages on the new site as they did on the old site. Visitors coming to your site using these links will be redirected to the new pages and will never notice the difference.

4. Testing

Make sure everything on the new site works just as well or even better than the old site. Test all aspects of your website. Pay special attention to interactive features that customers are likely to use. Identify problems early and ensure they are addressed before the website goes live.

Remember that over 40 percent of consumers will abandon your website for the competition if it takes over three seconds to load. Don’t risk losing revenue by staying with a server that cannot meet your needs. Don’t risk migrating without taking heed of the tips provided above.

DesignBombs Now Offers Deals for Designers and Developers

DesignBombs is a great place for those of you who are looking for web design articles, tutorials, freebies, inspirational showcases and other information that can help you boost creativity and growth.

Here you will find posts about design, coding, web design trends, web design tools, WordPress plugins, WordPress blog themes, WordPress hosting, etc. Whether you’re a designer, developer, blogger or you’re interested in web design or WordPress, you’ll get plenty of helpful tips and advice.

However, there is one more reason to visit this web design blog. DesignBombs has launched Deals Page where you can find deals for designers and developers. This page is worth checking out if you love smart shopping.

Below are a few of many web design deals and WordPress deals that are now available at DesignBombs. Enjoy huge savings on WordPress hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Bootstrap templates, web icons and other web design products.

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DreamHost is a reputable hosting company which offers different types of hosting: WordPress hosting, shared web hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud storage and cloud computing. Of course, there is no perfect hosting type, but you can always choose the one that meets your needs. The key points to consider when choosing the right web host for your business are speed, uptime, backup, support and security. DreamHost has been providing top quality service since 1997, and they also guarantee 100% uptime and 24/7 support. It seems to be a good idea to check what they have to offer, especially when you’re a step away from a 15% discount coupon.

Save 25% on DesignModo Products

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Feel free to visit DesignBombs if you want to see all deals.

Real Power of Flyers. 10 Free Flyers for Your Business

Promotion is an inseparable part of business. Let us imagine a situation when you do not promote your company. No one knows about the services or products your offer. What will you earn? – 0. Efficiency of your promotion campaign directly determines your income rates. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to the promotion campaign of your company.

There are a number of ways to promote your campaign. However, it is better to combine high efficiency of advertising materials with reasonable prices. TV advertisements can be extremely expensive, especially if your company is not a big one or you just started your business.

Radio advertising is less expensive than a TV ad, but it may not reach your target audience, and some people cannot get the message you want to deliver. Flyers combine reasonable prices with high efficiency. You determine the distribution area as well, which will help you to reach your target audience. Do you offer something for mothers and their kids – distribute your flyers near shops with goods for kids.

Promotion campaigns influence your future success that is why you need to consider every factor even the ones that seems to be unimportant.

Flyer designing is not all just about design. Designing something that has to be printed in future, you need to consider the technical side of the project. Luckily, many flyer design companies offer design services, which means you can find a flyer and order customization in one place and get a good discount as well.

If design is not a problem for you, but you still do not have much time to create a flyer from scratch, then you should consider downloading a free flyer template. Luckily, some flyer design companies offer free templates that you can download, customize (the files are in the Photoshop native format) and use. The customization process is quite easy if you are a Photoshop user.

Free Flyer Designs

One of the websites that offer free business flyers is

Car Wash Flyers

Car Wash Template 1

Car Wash Template 2

Car Wash Template 3

These flyers have elements we associate with car washing, like a car itself and foam. You can see that a flyer template has enough space to put the necessary text – telling people about the service.

Real Estate Flyers

Real Estate Template 1

Real Estate Template 2

Real Estate Template 3

The flyers have different styles, but again, they include the elements we associate with the real estate business – houses. You will understand what the flyer promotes without reading the text.

Food Flyers

Food Template 1

Food Template 2

Impressive design will make the flyer stand out and attract people.

Advertisement Services

Advertisement Services Template 1

Advertisement Services Template 2

The flyers are perfect for companies that deal with advertising services.


Flyers should not be underestimated as a promotion tool. A good flyer will help you reach your target audience and make your company successful.

Do you use flyers to promote your business? Have you ever used a template or do you design them from scratch?

Web Development Reading List #155: On JSPerf, Client Hints, And Keeping The Balance



As people working in front of a screen all day, we often struggle to find the right balance. I’m not talking about work-life balance alone here, but of how our life that is completely virtual during the day often causes us to not take real life into account.


We tend to forget that our bodies need something else than coding all day. And we need to take care of our fellow human beings in real life as well. Just think about this number: The average US person will spend over 9 hours in front of a screen today. Time to become more aware of how we can keep the balance between the virtual and the real world.

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Icons As Part Of A Great User Experience



Icons are an essential part of many user interfaces, visually expressing objects, actions and ideas. When done correctly, they communicate the core idea and intent of a product or action, and they bring a lot of nice benefits to user interfaces, such as saving screen real estate and enhancing aesthetic appeal. Last but not least, most apps and websites have icons. It’s a design pattern that is familiar to users.

Icons As Part Of A Great User Experience

Despite these advantages, icons can cause usability problems when designers hide functionality behind icons that are hard to recognize. An icon’s first job is to guide users to where they need to go, and in this article we’ll see what it takes to make that possible. If you want to take a go at creating your own icons, you can download and test Adobe’s Experience Design CC for free and get started right away.

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How To Build Honest UIs And Help Users Make Better Decisions



Many apps today, such as Google Now, Spotify and Amazon, make assumptions about user preferences based on personal data. They may even use this information to make decisions on our behalf, without any direct input from us. For example, Facebook tailors your news feed and Amazon recommends products  —  both hiding “irrelevant” information and only showing what they think you will like.

How To Build Honest UIs And Help Users Make Better Decisions

This type of design pattern, where user choice is removed, has recently been coined “anticipatory design”. Its aim is to leverage data on user behavior to automate the decision-making process in user interfaces. The outcome lowers the excessive number of decisions people currently make, thereby reducing decision fatigue and improving decisions overall.

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Best Of Halloween: All Things Spooky



Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, there is something magical about that special spooky day, surrounded by mystery, horror, scare and trick-or-treat candies for kids and adults alike.

Best Of Halloween: All Things Spooky

The modern-day spirit of Halloween shines through in its tradition; everyone can dress up like a monster, superhero, or nearly anything else. It allows our imagination to unfold and lets us be whatever we want to be — for that one very special day (and night).

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How To Develop A Chat Bot With Node.js



In the past few months, chat bots have become very popular, thanks to Slack, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. But the chat bot idea is not new at all.

How To Develop A Chat Bot With Node.js

A chat bot interface is mentioned in the famous Turing test in 1950. Then there was Eliza in 1966, a simulation of a Rogerian psychotherapist and an early example of primitive natural language processing. After that came Parry in 1972, a simulation of a person with paranoid schizophrenia (and, yes, of course, Parry met Eliza).

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Which Would You Choose – If You Could Just Use Eight Typefaces?

In the world of designing and digital marketing, choosing the right typefaces makes all the difference. And choosing appropriate typefaces, both free fonts, and premium, can be a little tricky, let me tell you. The unlimited supply of options to choose from with a variety of types can make you feel a bit dizzy. But hey, no need to sweat it out.

A little guidance and a few tips can guide you through this confusing path. Allow me to have the pleasure of escorting you through this path.

If I have felt the same situations of doubt and confusion about which typefaces to choose from as you, I would have chosen the following typefaces that you should also consider using, to have the intended impression on the audience, which is, I think, the main purpose of opting for the best and effective typefaces.


Thanks to the artistic styles of Giambattista Bodoni, that he invented this brilliant and artistic typeface, in the late 18th century. Bodoni created this style of his only after finding his own different artistic style.


Though, he was inspired by the works of many French type founders, like P.S. Fournier and F. Didot. This typeface can be the best choice for you if you want to give a deep impact. The extreme contrast between the stem thicknesses provides this typeface its uniqueness.


There have been several renewals and revival of this particular font family. Didot is a collection of typefaces that is named after the renowned French type producing and printing family.


During the period of 1784- 1811, the most popular Didot styles were formed. This typeface is inspired by John Baskerville’s increasing stroke structures experiments. The best use of this particular font style is in using it at large sizes to focus on the contrast.


In the year of 1757, John Baskerville, formerly a wealthy industrialist designed this brilliant typeface. It is a serif typeface, created for the intention of refining the old-style typefaces of that time.


Baskerville expanded the contrast between the thick and thin strokes. It made font serifs narrower and sharper. With this style as the characters turned more regular, the curved strokes became more circular.


Helvetica is a free font style and widely used sans-serif typeface. This font style is designed by Max Miedinger, a Swiss typeface designer, with inputs from Eduard Hoffmann.


It belongs to the neo-grotesque genre of type facing. This neutral typeface has a great clarity that encourages its use in a wide variety of designing.


This typeface is a sans-serif, digital geometric font style. Gotham is created by Tobias Frere-Jones in the year of 2000. This typeface is inspired by the architectural signs, symbols, and designs.


This typeface rose to its fame in the mid-twentieth century. It features various designs for screen display. The purpose of developing this typeface is mainly for professional use.


This typeface works great for the logos, art covers, and other graphic designing purposes. Rudolf Koch, a German typeface designer, is the creator of this particular font style.


Gill Sans

Another good choice for the designing purposes will be this sans-serif typeface. Eric Gill designed this typeface which was released from 1928 onwards.

Gill Sans

This typeface turned into an immediate success, after its release. Gil Sans is one of the most used font styles by modern designers.


Rockwell, a serif typeface, belongs to the slab serif classification. Here, the font serifs are in weight with the horizontal strokes of the letters. Rockwell typeface is one of the most prominent examples of slab serif genre.


This font style is effective in capitals for the purposes of statement headlines. However, the lowercase font style of the Rockwell typeface possesses the unique style of being used in multiple designing purposes.

Though there are other prominent typefaces as well, the above-mentioned eight typefaces are the most effective and popular.

Before starting with your project of selecting typefaces, you should keep in mind that you must know and understand what kind of impression you want on the minds of your audiences.